Passion Reaches Out – Alberta Fire Relief & Local Youth Support

RPB Connecting with the Community

The Red Patch Boys have always been committed to being involved in the community and lending our passion for TFC and the game to some greater causes. Recently, we got involved with the Red Cross to run a donation drive for the fire relief efforts in Alberta and also an opportunity to support local youth soccer.

The fires, which are still raging in the region, have devastated families and left people without essential supplies in the Fort McMurray area and beyond. With your contributions on match days and online, we are pleased to say that over $500 has been raised for this initiative. What’s even better is that the Government of Canada has committed to contributing some money on RPB’s behalf, as well.

Thank you to all of those that were involved in planning and executing this initiative, as well as each and every person who contributed to this truly tragic disaster. As mentioned before, the fires still continue to affect people in Alberta, including threatening new oilsands locations, and we urge people to continue giving via any charity of their choice (or online where donations are continuing to be accepted:

Promo flyer and a donor update from the Red Cross

The start of a new TFC campaign back in March also meant a new youth soccer season was kicking off. Never far from the game we love, when we got word that a young player was having a tough time coming up with the funds to pay annual registration fees, it was a no-brainer opportunity to lend a bit of extra support to the cause. Rep soccer costs continue to rise year-to-year and can be challenging for some bright future stars and their families to keep up with. To make things interesting, a raffle was organized with a number of fun prizes like an autographed game-worn TFC jersey, some signed scarves and other merchandise. Draws took place at our Annual General Meeting and in the end enough was fundraised to cover the soccer fees and contribute a little extra to the player’s rep squad for the year. Thanks all for your generosity and support of the local youth-level cause.