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2021 RPB Podcast

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2022 Season 16: Started January 12th.

2021 Season 15: The official podcast of Toronto FC supporters group, Red Patch Boys. Hosts Ben and Cambassador dive into all things RPB and TFC! First episode aired on March 22, 2021 | 20 episodes

RPB members can read more about the Podcast from the creators on the forum here.

2007 Original RPB Podcast

Red Patch Boys Live!

2007 Season 1: An in-house podcast hosted by club President Mike Dubrick, along with co-host / producer Alex Maletich and foreign correspondent Patrick Kavanaugh (who was the original co-host until moving overseas in September 2007), provided up to the minute news from TFC and the soccer world in general. Featuring lively discussion and a variety of guest interviews spanning the soccer landscape, the first ever episode was aired on June 12, 2007.