RPB & Terry Fox Together Helping Fight Cancer

Red Patch Boys x Terry Fox statue


The Red Patch Boys have a long history working with the Terry Fox Foundation. A contribution has been made each year since the group’s inception a decade ago. Participation over the years has included annual Terry Fox Run teams and also “head shave” events. Members, friends and family have graciously donated over $23,000 to the Foundation!

In our tenth year, we are continuing the tradition. We have an RPB Run Team for the event on September 18th and are fundraising now. To support the team (morally and/or financially) or join the team, please go to http://www.TerryFox.ca/RPB to get involved with the cause! We will be taking cash donations in person at Joe’s during upcoming away & home games too, with possibly a few special draw prizes for good measure (This SUNDAY, MATCH & RUN DAY).

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Kick Start Our Home Opener Tifo: Behind-The-Scenes Pics

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Adding to the atmosphere of noise and singing voices in the stands often you will see supporters using visuals to signal their support to the team and fellow fans. A regular assortment of flags, signs and banners appear at every match, but on occasion a larger and more epic variety, affectionately known as a tifo, sends a stronger signal to the pitch and fellow fans. Tifo displays are a tradition shared across football supporter culture from some great displays put on right here at home over the years and around MLS, to legendary and inspiring displays put on at famous clubs around the world regularly. The opportunity to work together and express shared love for the team in a creative way is as much about the journey of production as much as the end result. Contributing creative energy and adding to the spirit and passion of supporters in the stands on match day is always a good feeling.

The home opener is always a chance to go big – channeling excitement for the new campaign into bigger display aspirations, pushing boundaries and rising to challenges. The TFC season started with an extended road trip again, giving us a bit of extra time to dream. While the weeks did get busy with away viewings and trip organization, the first big step of course was finding an idea, theme or concept to run with! Our moment of inspiration came as the season kicked off away in New York. Sebastian Giovinco, fresh off a ‘banner’ MLS season, continued his scoring ways, and debuted a new celebration move to the world from the pitch of Red Bull Arena – the ‘kick start’. Shortly after as we pondered tifo ideas, a scribbled note that simply said ‘vespa tifo’ lead to the call to members for design ideas. Ideas turned into submissions by illustration-inclined talents in the group and once the final idea was agreed on next steps proceeded.

While the Reds continued to play away around the league, a driven RPB Banner Team helped things fall into place including everything from sewing giant fabric canvas together, getting assorted painting supplies and finding space to work. Getting the actual production under way, people stepped up to volunteer time and skills. Meeting on days and nights for hours at a time the tifo quickly materialized from sketched lines on fabric to a painted reality. As the last drops of paint dried, the big day arrived and the clock wound down. The tifo was finally ready to do its part joining us in welcoming the new campaign at home. It went up without a hitch, sending the message to the Reds on the pitch and a signal of passion to supporters around the stadium! Well done to all that contributed along the way and especially the dedicated and driven crew that saw it thru. Together for the Reds.

Here’s some behind-the-scenes pics and the final result up at BMO.

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Look like fun? You can get involved on a project like this, work together with fellow supporters and make your mark. We’re always looking for more hands and input, so keep an eye out for a chance to join in on the next one.

Members: look on the forums for exclusive bonus pics from the making of this project.

Passion Reaches Out – Alberta Fire Relief & Local Youth Support

RPB Connecting with the Community

The Red Patch Boys have always been committed to being involved in the community and lending our passion for TFC and the game to some greater causes. Recently, we got involved with the Red Cross to run a donation drive for the fire relief efforts in Alberta and also an opportunity to support local youth soccer.

The fires, which are still raging in the region, have devastated families and left people without essential supplies in the Fort McMurray area and beyond. With your contributions on match days and online, we are pleased to say that over $500 has been raised for this initiative. What’s even better is that the Government of Canada has committed to contributing some money on RPB’s behalf, as well.

Thank you to all of those that were involved in planning and executing this initiative, as well as each and every person who contributed to this truly tragic disaster. As mentioned before, the fires still continue to affect people in Alberta, including threatening new oilsands locations, and we urge people to continue giving via any charity of their choice (or online where donations are continuing to be accepted: http://redcross.ca/redpatchboys).

Promo flyer and a donor update from the Red Cross

The start of a new TFC campaign back in March also meant a new youth soccer season was kicking off. Never far from the game we love, when we got word that a young player was having a tough time coming up with the funds to pay annual registration fees, it was a no-brainer opportunity to lend a bit of extra support to the cause. Rep soccer costs continue to rise year-to-year and can be challenging for some bright future stars and their families to keep up with. To make things interesting, a raffle was organized with a number of fun prizes like an autographed game-worn TFC jersey, some signed scarves and other merchandise. Draws took place at our Annual General Meeting and in the end enough was fundraised to cover the soccer fees and contribute a little extra to the player’s rep squad for the year. Thanks all for your generosity and support of the local youth-level cause.


The Feeling Remains the Same

Season 10 Is Here

After all these years (10 of them!), the feeling remains the same.  It was a successful weekend opener, at home and away (shout out to the RPB road warriors!), now we march on with the Reds towards Week 2.


With the season kicked off, membership is also open for another year. So if you are interested in getting more involved with supporters who share your passion and helping out the cause, find out more information about applying here.  Current members can also renew now of course! Get signed up / renewed by the end of this week and get some extra bonuses.

Be sure to connect with us online by following on twitter or facebook and checking out the forums to get the latest news.