2019 Player Escorts & Fan Tunnel Experience


In April, Red Patch Boys family and friends participated in game ceremonies as Player Escorts & The Fan Tunnel Experience for TFC.

On match day Saturday April 27th, we were happy to have the opportunity working with TFC to take part in game ceremonies as we have for a number of seasons. Kids lined up inside the player tunnel for a meet and greet with the players when they went on and off the pitch during the pre-game warm ups. Then kids escorted players from both teams onto the pitch for the opening ceremonies. Thanks to RPB member CoachGT for years of hard work coordinating this event. The RPB tradition continues! A great big thank you to SuperTCP for taking on organizing this year’s event along with the guidance of ChrisFizik. The day was a success with help from supervising parents & members. The kids in the tunnel and the walkout did a great job too of course!

My two kids had an amazing time today as part of the player escorts. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks so much for organizing this again this year. It was well coordinated and went extremely smoothly.

- Red Patch Boys member

Player Escorts doing their thing at front and the RPB 'bunker' in the South End of BMO ready to go in the background!

Player Escorts doing their thing at front and the RPB ‘bunker’ in the South End of BMO ready to go in the background!


TFC Supporter documentary “The Northern Touch” viewing party at Shoeless Joe’s

Engraved on a Nation TSN documentary still image

TSN aired a documentary series called Engraved on a Nation featuring various Canadian sports stories. One of the episodes focused on TFC Supporters. The documentary called The Northern Touch aired on TSN Tuesday, March 12 at 7:30 PM. RPB members, friends as well as other Supporter group members and friends featured in the documentary such as Kings in the North and TRN along with the film crew, producers and their family and friends gathered at Joe’s for the viewing.

A number of RPB members were present on match days at locations home and away as the filming took place over the course of the 2018 season. RPB member in-person interviews were conducted at various locations in and around Toronto including at our beloved Shoeless Joe’s. The documentary focused on supporter culture in and out of the stands as well as a behind the scenes look of what happens during the season. Footage included TFC match days at BMO and for the Canadian Champions League featuring away travel supporter road warriors in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Supporter’s Shield and RPB beer affiliate, Red Thread Brewing also received air time. The highs and lows of the season were all showcased in this hour-long documentary.

Gathering to watch documentary image

RPB Members, other supporter groups, film crew, producers, and their family and friends gather at Joe’s to view the premiere of Engraved on a Nation

News item published March 12, 2019 | MLS Soccer
Engraved on a Nation listing | TSN.ca


Kicking back with PARK SSC


Back in June we ran an RPB World Cup Pool and it not only added to the fun of watching a memorable tournament but also took some funds from all participants for charity.

We’re happy to announce our support went to purchase a number of very cool soccer balls from Park Social Soccer Co. a neat new charity project based out of Melbourne and NYC. Their Pass-a-Ball program is 1-for-1 so for every ball bought one went to a kid or youth program in need also! Another easy way for RPB to help spread the game that gives us so much on and off the pitch and extend the opportunity to play to kids. Soccer with a social purpose!


SickKids VS Campaign “Join Your Crew” TFC edition ft. RPB

Jozy Altidore and Red Patch Boys members feature in SickKids VS hospital foundation campaign

Hey, that’s our crew!

We recently had the honour of featuring in an ad campaign for the SickKids Hospital Foundation. Yep, that’s a bunch of RPB pictured and you may recognize the big man up front, Jozy Altidore. This is part of a large fundraising campaign SickKids is running, “SickKids VS Limits” which has been asking different community groups from all around city to participate to represent the broad interests and culture across the city getting behind the hospital foundation’s good work and drive to build a new SickKids.

You can donate and ‘join a crew’ as part of it now! Go to joinyourcrew.ca and donating will give you a chance to select THE REDS crew to be a part of! Worthwhile and nice to be involved representing and promoting the game and city we love out in the community.

Grateful for support Jozy Altidore has given to SickKids over the years. Today, he’s stepping up to rally Reds fans to come together & raise funds to build a new SickKids. Donate to join Jozy & the Reds crew at joinyourcrew.ca

Published on Nov 3, 2018 – SickKids Twitter @sickkids


Keep Calm and Banner On – behind-the-scenes tifo making of


Adding to the noise and singing in the stands you’ll usually see banners, flags and other signs in the south end of BMO Field. It’s what supporters do – signalling our support to the team and fans alike. Their creation always has to start with some inspiration which can come from the team on the pitch, the supporter culture around us, current events and sometimes current opponents.

For this one, we had been looking for awhile for something to inspire in a year with seemingly more downs than ups – and then it hit us. A fresh Canadian Championship success was enough to give us a ‘lightbulb’ moment and also provided a positive sentiment we needed. Working with other supporter groups Kings In The North & U-Sector we went for something simple that was an effective message for the team and for the supporters in the stands on both sides for an upcoming match against derby rivals Montreal.

It’s always good to get together and produce something that’s a creative expression of our shared passion for the team. So for an afternoon we got to work with material, painting supplies and some beers (during and after) and the result were some banners ready to add to our atmosphere on match day. If this looks like fun to you, become a member and look out for project announcements as they happen!

Here’s some behind the scenes pics and the final product up at BMO with the message for all, Keep Calm and Trophy On.