RPB Terry Fox Tradition Continues

The Red Patch Boys have had a continuous connection to the Terry Fox Foundation since our inception.  In each year of our existence we have made a contribution.  Participation has come in the form of annual Terry Fox Run teams and also “Head Shave” teams over the years. Members, friends and family have graciously donated over $20,000 over the years!

In 2015, the tradition continues. We have an RPB Run Team for the event on September 20th.  To join the team, support the team, or sponsor the team, please go to www.TerryFox.ca/RPB to learn more and get involved!

Video: MLS along for ride with RPB during TFC home opener


Homegrown talent and MLS media star Rachel Bonnetta joined us during home opener festivities back in May.  She has been travelling around the league doing feature videos on supporter culture in various cities and put together this feature on TFC supporter culture in Toronto and Red Patch Boys match day vibes!  On the occasion of our much anticipated home opener we were happy to have the camera crew and her along with us doing what we love.  Home openers are always a spectacle: old and new faces coming together, membership sign-ups, marching, flags, tifos, and chanting. Check out this great glimpse of the action, passion and smiles on the day. (We didn’t get a result on the pitch though, thanks for the reminder!)  Catch interview highlights with RPB Vice-President Rob Wagner, a cameo from former Toronto Mayor David Miller and a whole slew of match day supporters.

Supporters Tifo for Dwayne De Rosario Making-Of

Support is ART - ChrisFizik reporting

Shaking & Baking a Tifo for DeRo

As a group of supporters our core objective is to show support for our team at all times. During matches our passion manifests itself audibly through our voices in the stands and visually, showing the team we’re behind them, in the form of displays like banners, signs and the most elaborate efforts affectionately known as ‘tifos’. Expressing love for your team in a creative way is a tradition shared across football supporter culture – but it hinges on one thing: inspiration.

Inspiration to get creative juices flowing and put energy into producing a display can come from all around: the team, the local city, a desire to send an intimidating message to an opponent, the spirit of supporters coming together, popular players or significant player milestones and achievements. A milestone like a player retirement is something we definitely take note of. So when it was announced in June that Dwayne De Rosario (“DeRo”) was officially calling it a career and a special testimonial match was to be played in his honour, we were inspired.

Anyone who has followed the team over the years would get the feeling that this was a bigger deal than usual. DeRo had a long, successful career in MLS, had a strong role in the early years of TFC, played for Canada’s Men’s National Team for many campaigns and being a homegrown talent has been a source of local pride. Whether he was a favourite of yours over the years or not, a player with that level of involvement, record and impact doesn’t come around that often. Along with other fellow supporter groups we had the notion that rising to the occasion was in order. Inspired, the word went out to start organizing a collaboration for DeRo’s big day.

Here are some making-of pics as we met the challenge before us: bringing creative minds, experience and hands together on short notice for a tribute to DeRo. The design phase rapidly went thru a number of iterations of ideas but something more started to bubble up to the surface. DeRo has a goal celebration move – why not implement some sort of animated moving part to our banner/tifo display? Nothing short of next level, with this new vision, we set out to bring fabric, paint, pipes and puppet-like movement to the realization of a DeRo signature: The Shake & Bake. It took multiple evenings in a space secured with help of team front office and also taking the work-in-progress to various parts of the city by vehicle to bring it all together. With people getting involved at all stages, an hour or two one session, a day or two later, or finishing touches in the hours before the match, supporters came together to make their mark on the project. After seeing the project’s complexity go up and up, and design and ‘engineering’ debates raging late into the night, the final product rose right on schedule in the South Stands as DeRo and a whole squad of past teammates & footy friends took to the pitch. While endless rounds of DeRo chants (“There was a boy from Scarborough….“) echoed across the field and the man of the afternoon showed appreciation, we said goodbye to a legend in our own way. Well done to all that contributed!

2015june_DeRo-Banner-Sessions 045-1024x-CF.jpg

2015june_DeRo-Banner-Sessions 063-nofaces-NOBLUE-1024x-CF.jpg

2015june_DeRo-Banner-Sessions 114-crop-1024x-CF.jpg

2015june_DeRo-Banner-Sessions 147-1024x-CF.jpg

2015jun20_TFC_DeRo_Testimonial_Supporters 064-1024x-CF.jpg

2015jun20_TFC_DeRo_Testimonial_Supporters 020-cropedit-1024x-CF.jpg

Members! Visit the lounge on the RPB forums for more pics.

If you want to read more about banner activities, check our recent  post about this year’s home opener tifo.

If you want to get involved with supporting TFC on a project like this, seeing hard work come to life and making new friends as we come together for the Reds – be sure to check the RPB forum and get connected for our next project! (All welcome but easiest way is join up to be a member!)


Home Opener Tifo Banner Making-Of

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 213-instabanner-supportisart-cover-3803x1268


Editor’s Note: We held off posting this up earlier in the week due to looming dark clouds of recent events. But in lieu of that, we could all use something a bit lighter now. What’s described and displayed here is one nice example of ways in which supporter culture shines. How we show love for the team thru creativity and commitment. Working together for the Reds. 

As supporters, we aim to support TFC at all times, but sometimes being the voice in the stands isn’t enough. So we find other ways to show our passion and let the team know we are behind them. This means displaying our support in the form of signs, banners, or the more epic, larger variety affectionately known as tifos.

The home opener is always a chance to push boundaries and aspire to something more challenging, and this year was no different. Particularly because with TFC’s extended road trip for the first 2 months of the season, we had extra time to dream big. Tifo displays are a tradition shared across football supporter culture from some great projects pulled off over the years here at home and around MLS, to the legendary and astounding efforts put on regularly at famous clubs around the world. It’s a chance for supporters to express love for the team in a creative way. Seeing hard work and sweat come to life with friendly comrades leaves a nice sense of accomplishment. Together for the Reds.

Here’s some making-of pics of this year’s tifo. The process started months before in the offseason trying to come up with a design and coordinating with other groups for a unified theme. Ironing the design out (with drawing skills by super talented members) and getting supplies like giant strips of stitched together fabric and all sorts of painting kit ready, finally leads to the call for people to join the RPB Banner Team and get involved with production. Using large workspaces secured with the help of team front office, volunteers met on multiple days for hours at a time sketching the layout and then finally putting the paint down. A bunch of evening sessions later, paint getting on the banner, hands, feet, clothes and everything else, the big day finally arrives. With relief and satisfaction, the tifo went up without a hitch alongside other groups’ productions and with the long-awaited return of the Reds home, the display sends a signal to the pitch and to supporters around our home at BMO Field. Well done to all involved!

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 011-1024x-CF.jpg

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 135-1024x-CF.jpg

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 163.jpg

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 207-1024x-CF.jpg

2015may10_Houston_v_TFC_homeopen 137-1024x-CF.jpg

2015may10_Houston_v_TFC_homeopen 134-1024x-16-9-CF.jpg

Jump to the members lounge on the forums for more pics.

Does this look like fun to you? The more people contributing on these projects the better. So you’re welcome to get involved and make your mark.  Join us.


No Place Like Home

In 2007, the Red Patch Boys (RPB) established ourselves as an official Toronto FC (TFC) supporters group with the general mission of supporting the team at home and away. With passion and pride, we have been organizing displays and chants as a regular fixture in the stands ever since. Our purpose extends beyond the 90 minutes of matches to consultation with the team organization as well as representing and promoting the sport of soccer in our community and a culture of support that is famous throughout Major League Soccer (MLS). One key element in our success is the environment where we operate most of the time: our home stadium, BMO Field (BMO). The facility, which also stands as Canada’s National Soccer Stadium, has contributed to the city’s enthusiasm for the sport and allowed it to thrive in the natural harmony between soccer culture and Toronto’s cultural landscape. In light of recent announcements made by Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) and the TFC organization, we must express our disappointment.

RPB members, fellow TFC supporters and fans have long expressed concern over the concept of a new tenant making a move to play at BMO Field. The arrangements needed to support this cast a dark shadow on the future of the playing surface at BMO that we cannot ignore. BMO has progressed and evolved into a respected facility with world-class ambitions over the years. This has not only created an experience at home similar to famous stadiums around the world, but helped attract world-class talent to Toronto. In a ground share deal between these two sports, the tenant that bears the most risk is soccer as, no matter the investment in the surface, an acceptable recovery between uses is in high doubt—especially in the playoff time of year when both leagues are active. We have spent years watching the MLS grow and make soccer specific stadiums the centrepiece of the sport. This deal is a sign of regression for the league in general. We would prefer these tenants with their longstanding and deep-rooted history have their own stadium rather than a ground share at BMO Field.

With BMO at the epicentre, support of the sport and supporter culture has blossomed and continues to grow. After coming such a long way since TFC joined MLS in 2007, with a home to grow unparalleled support in the city at the local level and nationally with our Men’s and Women’s teams, this is a setback for soccer in Canada. Our goal remains to support and help push for the highest quality of play and experience for our fellow supporters, but we fear this deal will have a detrimental impact. As passionate supporters of not only TFC but of the National Soccer Stadium, we feel this move is counterproductive to the growth of the sport in Canada. Going forward, we intend to continue reaching out to management bodies to build and promote what we feel is in the best interests of our team, our city, our supporters and our sport. We want all Canadian sport to thrive, but when one sport can have such a negative impact on the playing surface of the other, we would rather see it played somewhere other than BMO Field.