Home Opener Tifo Banner Making-Of

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 213-instabanner-supportisart-cover-3803x1268


Editor’s Note: We held off posting this up earlier in the week due to looming dark clouds of recent events. But in lieu of that, we could all use something a bit lighter now. What’s described and displayed here is one nice example of ways in which supporter culture shines. How we show love for the team thru creativity and commitment. Working together for the Reds. 

As supporters, we aim to support TFC at all times, but sometimes being the voice in the stands isn’t enough. So we find other ways to show our passion and let the team know we are behind them. This means displaying our support in the form of signs, banners, or the more epic, larger variety affectionately known as tifos.

The home opener is always a chance to push boundaries and aspire to something more challenging, and this year was no different. Particularly because with TFC’s extended road trip for the first 2 months of the season, we had extra time to dream big. Tifo displays are a tradition shared across football supporter culture from some great projects pulled off over the years here at home and around MLS, to the legendary and astounding efforts put on regularly at famous clubs around the world. It’s a chance for supporters to express love for the team in a creative way. Seeing hard work and sweat come to life with friendly comrades leaves a nice sense of accomplishment. Together for the Reds.

Here’s some making-of pics of this year’s tifo. The process started months before in the offseason trying to come up with a design and coordinating with other groups for a unified theme. Ironing the design out (with drawing skills by super talented members) and getting supplies like giant strips of stitched together fabric and all sorts of painting kit ready, finally leads to the call for people to join the RPB Banner Team and get involved with production. Using large workspaces secured with the help of team front office, volunteers met on multiple days for hours at a time sketching the layout and then finally putting the paint down. A bunch of evening sessions later, paint getting on the banner, hands, feet, clothes and everything else, the big day finally arrives. With relief and satisfaction, the tifo went up without a hitch alongside other groups’ productions and with the long-awaited return of the Reds home, the display sends a signal to the pitch and to supporters around our home at BMO Field. Well done to all involved!

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 011-1024x-CF.jpg

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2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 163.jpg

2015apr_RPB-banner-sessions 207-1024x-CF.jpg

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2015may10_Houston_v_TFC_homeopen 134-1024x-16-9-CF.jpg

Jump to the members lounge on the forums for more pics.

Does this look like fun to you? The more people contributing on these projects the better. So you’re welcome to get involved and make your mark.  Join us.