Shoeless Joe's at King & Dufferin

Goodbye Shoeless Joe’s, our home pub

Shoeless Joes building at King and Dufferin image

RPB members organized their last big gathering at Shoeless Joe’s on December 27th after our beloved Joe himself announced at the beginning of December that Shoeless Joe’s would be closing its doors at the end of the month. With such a short window to celebrate in style, members old and new joined in the festivities or dropped in throughout the month to shake Joe’s hand to thank and wish him well.

We celebrate everything that bar has meant to us. Joe’s has been our rock through thick and thin, and I consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have called it home for so many years.

- Red Patch Boys member

RPB members at Shoeless Joes image

Joe’s has been the home to the Red Patch Boys since 2007 when TFC first started. It has also been a hub for the entire soccer community.

Joe’s has always been there for us, and we’ve always been there for Joe, Kim (wife) and the incredible staff.

- Red Patch Boys member

RPB members and Joe at Shoeless Joes image

RPB members giving a speech to honour Joe (middle) at Shoeless Joe’s

Joe and Kim, now honourary RPB members for life, and all RPB and Toronto FC supporters have accepted that Shoeless Joe’s at King and Dufferin has come to an end. Joe and Kim have always gone above and beyond to accommodate RPB – treated the group like family. We wish Joe, Kim and all staff well in their future endeavours.

RPB members and Joe at Shoeless Joes image

RPB members gathered at Shoeless Joe’s

Shoeless Joe’s Restaurant, previously located at King and Dufferin, became the unofficial “clubhouse” for the RPB’s, hosting pre and post game socials as well as various club meetings. The outstanding service and hospitality exhibited by owners Joe and Kim Cho quickly lead credence to the chant “This is our house”.