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Passion Reaches Out – Alberta Fire Relief & Local Youth Support

RPB Connecting with the Community

The Red Patch Boys have always been committed to being involved in the community and lending our passion for TFC and the game to some greater causes. Recently, we got involved with the Red Cross to run a donation drive for the fire relief efforts in Alberta and also an opportunity to support local youth soccer.

The fires, which are still raging in the region, have devastated families and left people without essential supplies in the Fort McMurray area and beyond. With your contributions on match days and online, we are pleased to say that over $500 has been raised for this initiative. What’s even better is that the Government of Canada has committed to contributing some money on RPB’s behalf, as well.

Thank you to all of those that were involved in planning and executing this initiative, as well as each and every person who contributed to this truly tragic disaster. As mentioned before, the fires still continue to affect people in Alberta, including threatening new oilsands locations, and we urge people to continue giving via any charity of their choice (or online where donations are continuing to be accepted:

Promo flyer and a donor update from the Red Cross

The start of a new TFC campaign back in March also meant a new youth soccer season was kicking off. Never far from the game we love, when we got word that a young player was having a tough time coming up with the funds to pay annual registration fees, it was a no-brainer opportunity to lend a bit of extra support to the cause. Rep soccer costs continue to rise year-to-year and can be challenging for some bright future stars and their families to keep up with. To make things interesting, a raffle was organized with a number of fun prizes like an autographed game-worn TFC jersey, some signed scarves and other merchandise. Draws took place at our Annual General Meeting and in the end enough was fundraised to cover the soccer fees and contribute a little extra to the player’s rep squad for the year. Thanks all for your generosity and support of the local youth-level cause.


The Feeling Remains the Same

Season 10 Is Here

After all these years (10 of them!), the feeling remains the same.  It was a successful weekend opener, at home and away (shout out to the RPB road warriors!), now we march on with the Reds towards Week 2.


With the season kicked off, membership is also open for another year. So if you are interested in getting more involved with supporters who share your passion and helping out the cause, find out more information about applying here.  Current members can also renew now of course! Get signed up / renewed by the end of this week and get some extra bonuses.

Be sure to connect with us online by following on twitter or facebook and checking out the forums to get the latest news.

Offseason Is Just a Countdown

Winter Wonderland (not *that* Winter)

The winter months of the offseason can be tough. But it’s all just a countdown to a new campaign!

Season Kickoff

The TFC season kickoff is March 6th away at NYRB. The start of a new campaign (and start of a long road stretch) has more than a few of us fired up. Maybe you fancy a bit of travel and a day out in enemy territory?  You can join the RPB Road Warriors travelling to Red Bull Arena too. Away supporter ticket arrangements have been made and to help with the cause, we’ve arranged bus transportation as well. If you are interested in getting on the road and representing for the Reds, look for ticket info and bus info on the forum threads here. Stand with your fellow supporters and celebrate the new season!  More info on our kickoff party at home later!

Beat the January Blues

In the meantime, beat the January blues by catching up with the latest chatter in these forum threads (where everything is always red):

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Stay tuned for our next news update!

RPB-Terry-Fox-Statue 026-1920x1280-RPB-CF

RPB Continue Support of Terry Fox Foundation With Donation

Terry Fox Tribute statue in Richmond Hill x Red Patch Boys

Tradition & Community for the Cause

Furthering an RPB goal of connecting with the community beyond the stands and the pitch, we had another successful charity fundraising effort recently.  Our relationship with the Terry Fox Foundation continues to be strong.  With a contribution in each year of the group’s existence, 2015′s participation came in the form of a Terry Fox Run team as well as a fundraising raffle event for members.

The annual Terry Fox Run is an event that we’ve had members involved in for 9 straight years now.  Championed by team captain and RPB Vice-President Rob Wagner, the team ran from various race locations around the city and was supported by friends and family with donations.

That joined the other element of our efforts, a raffle for prizes with tickets being sold on recent match days.  Items were donated by various members and even included a new foosball table, capping the fundraising drive off nicely.

Contributions combined to about $1600 and will help the foundation continue funding cancer research efforts and work that started 35 years ago when Terry Fox began his iconic cross-Canada run, the Marathon of Hope.

RPB are proud to continue helping out the cause. With the addition of this year’s achievements, contributions from the group over its existence now total over $22,000! Thanks to those the donated, our determined running team and organizing efforts from RPB members.

RPB Terry Fox Tradition Continues

The Red Patch Boys have had a continuous connection to the Terry Fox Foundation since our inception.  In each year of our existence we have made a contribution.  Participation has come in the form of annual Terry Fox Run teams and also “Head Shave” teams over the years. Members, friends and family have graciously donated over $20,000 over the years!

In 2015, the tradition continues. We have an RPB Run Team for the event on September 20th.  To join the team, support the team, or sponsor the team, please go to to learn more and get involved!