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5 TFC Chants to Know

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Developed over years by fellow supporters, these chants are what we sing with pride from the stands at BMO. ¬†Whether you’re a seasoned supporter, or just want to know what you keep hearing from the South End, there’s always opportunity and occasion to join in during a match. ¬†There are many more in the arsenal, especially when TFC scores, but here are five chants to know on game day.

Marching In
(Tune: When the Saints Go Marching In)

A tradition that kicks off every match and sets the stage for supporters as well as letting the players on the pitch know who’s behind them.

TFC Superstar
(Tune: Jesus Christ Superstar)

Starting off with a loud back’n'forth between a chant leader, this evolves into a TFC mainstay. The T-O-R… has been sung by supporters everywhere since the early days and is a favourite.

Allez Allez

One of a number of chants that feature French, we are proud to be Canadian Reds and we often get asked what the French bits are. Learn this and it’ll help with another much-asked-about, much-loved chant: The Massive. (see Chants album / Game Day songs page for more)

Dichio 24

A tradition maintained from season 1, this is a player chant dedicated to TFC legend Danny Dichio. In particular, his glorious first goal for TFC, and TFC’s first goal ever, which occurred at the 23rd minute of play in a match in 2007. Everyone loves to hear this one echo around BMO, so join in when the capo signals at 23:14 on the clock!

Yankee General

Another player chant that has quickly become a favourite – This one’s for Michael Bradley. A welcome addition to TFC and a welcome presence on the pitch, this chant tells the story of Bradley coming to Toronto and spirited leadership we have come to love. With Bradley’s rise to the TFC Captaincy, this one is more relevant and fun to sing than ever. Our leader with the armband, our General.

All of these chants are part of a greater set of recordings, Voice In The Stands, a project put together by Red Patch Boys in 2014. Check out many of the others here and learn new ones at matches!